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Date Place Presentation
11-09-2018 Rotterdam Peat for Food – horticulture for sustainable increase of global food production: the contribution of peat in growing media (2018-2015). Introduction and inputs into panel discussion. IPS 50th Anniversary Jubilee Symposium.
14-03-2016 Leuven Making Supply Chains Sustainable – The Role of Private
Sector Companies
– VECO workshop, March 2016
19-11-2015 Lausanne IMD Masterclass – Sustainable Sourcing
15-10-2015 Berlin Roundtables and Sustainability of Bioenergy – IASS Workshop, October 2015
05-03-2015 Oxford Converting the Global Palm Oil Market to Sustainability, Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests
09-12-2014 The Hague Market Demand for Sustainable Raw Materials – The Case of Sustainable Palm Oil, Training Course for Senior Diplomats from Indonesia, Clingendael Institute, The Hague, December 9, 2014.
06-11-2014 Lausanne IMD Masterclass – Sustainable Sourcing
17-09-2014 Hannover Verantwortung in der Lieferkette durch Zertifizierung – Das Beispiel RPP “Responsibly Produced Peat”, Substrate 2030, Hannover.
19-04-2013 The Hague Private Sector Driven Sustainability Standards – How can they promote sustainability ….? CLEER Workshop, Asser Institute
09-04-2013 Washington The Business Case for Transparent Land Deals (World Bank Conference)
22-03-2013 London Transparency in International Land Deals (Prince of Wales Int. Sustainability Unit)
20-03-2013 Lausanne Sustainable Sourcing Guide (IMD Roundtable)
15-03-2013 London Is there a Business Case for Transparent Land Deals (PIEL Conference, London)
28-02-2013 Brussels Sustainable Growing Media, controlling raw materials supply chains (EPAGMA)
10-02-2013 Wuppertal Sustainable Supply Chains – possibilities and limits … (Wuppertal Institute)
01-02-2013 The Hague Private Governance: does it work? is it enough? (in Dutch), BuZa Ministry Workshop.
19-11-2012 Berlin Holding Actors Accountable for Large-Scale Land Transactions. Global Soil Week.
11-10-2012 Interlaken Converting the Cotton Sector to Sustainable Agriculture – What Can the Cotton Sector Learn from Other Sectors, ICAC 71st Plenary Meeting, Interlaken, October 2012
27-09-2012 The Hague A Biomass Dispute Settlement Facility – The Hague Institute for Global Justice
26-04-2012 Washington Agricultural Commodities that Respect Land Rights…., World Bank Conference
27-03-2012 Brussels Peat-Based Growing Media from Responsible Sources – EPAGMA forum
20-02-2012 The Hague SDC/NL Foreign Affairs Workshop: Introduction
27-10-2011 Bad Zwischenahn (D) Kultursubstrate aus Torf – Vertrauen am Markt durch Transparenz – presentation IVG
09-06-2011 Zürich Land Use and
Food Security Criteria in Commodity Standards What is their potential contribution?
facilitator’s introduction to session TH07, ISEAL Conference.
18-04-2011 Washington Sustainable Commodity Initiatives: Can they strengthen land rights and food security? side meeting, World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty
07-10-2010 Boskoop (NL) Towards a Sustainable Peat Chain (in Dutch: Naar een Duurzame Veenketen) – presentation for RHP
27-04-2010 Washington DC Regulating Land Investments: the role of the private sector.
(also related paper)
08-04-2010 Guyancourt (France) Roundtable on the Sustainable Production and Use of Platinum
Group Metals: Chairman’s Introduction
24-01-2010 Roma Regulating Land Investments: the role of the private sector (conference organised by FAP/IFAD/SDC/global
donor platform.

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